Hot Tub Heater Repair

Jacuzzi Heaters in ClearwaterWater and electricity don’t mix, so it’s important to choose a hot tub heater repair service that knows how to work on these complex accessories. Our pool and spa company can identify the problem and get your water bubbling hot again.

Nothing’s worse than when you’re ready to slip into your spa to unwind, turn on the switch and the water stays cold. Don’t panic; call us. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot parts from all major manufacturers – and there are many. Quality hot tub heater repair is just a phone call away in the bay area. From a thermostat problem to a broken high-limit switch or a bad element, we can accurately find and fix your spa quickly.

Low Heat
The problem might be low water flow originating from a clogged filter. In fact, dirty filters cause the majority of hot tub problems.

It’s very easy to neglect scale buildup or proper chemical balancing. When you call us to service your hot tub, you can eliminate a lot of potential issues. Service will not only keep your hot tub toasty, it will save you significantly on the cost of operation.

No Heat
Heater repair begins with understanding of how electrical resistance heaters work. Current is passed through a dedicated element, and this creates the heat. If current flow is diverted or interrupted, heat will not be created. It’s that simple.

If your hot tub or spa is not heating at all, we will first determine if the pump is circulating the water. If so, our trained technicians will turn to a series of electrical tests to find out why and fix it fast.

If the element is drawing power, we will check the amperage. A 120-volt unit should pull 12.5 amps and a 240 volt heater should pull 25 amps. If our tests show something is not in sync we can narrow down the problem, perhaps to a broken heating coil.

Replacement Parts
Spa manufacturers get their parts from many outside sources and exact replacements are sometimes difficult to find. We are exceptionally trained at finding the right size replacement elements when we do hot tub heater repair.

No Power?
If there’s no power, we will use a volt meter and trace the source back to a bad relay or switch that isn’t closing properly. These switches act as safeguards to prevent overheating of the unit. Sometimes it can be a short circuit, low water flow, a clogged feeding tube, or a dirty filter.

Expert Diagnosis
Diagnosing problems in both in-ground and portable spas is tricky. Our trusted service can get it working again in a very short time. We also provide overall equipment checkups to spot potential trouble in the first place. No job is too big or too small for us. Call now and we’ll send out a Certified Pool and Spa specialist to take care of it.

Don’t Try it Yourself
This is not a job anyone without extensive training can do. Electrical repairs are very dangerous in the hands of an amateur. We will always follow proper protocol, starting with ensuring the power is shut off to the spa and at the service panel before we begin inspection or actual hot tub heater repair.

After our hot tub heater repair service fixes your problems, we can discuss regular maintenance to keep your hot tub working properly whenever you want it. For example, we can keep the water chemicals balanced: If your pH is too low it can corrode parts of the heater. When pH is too high it can cause scale buildup that can overheat parts. Servicing prevents costly replacement. Call now for an estimate.

Many other things affect the heating system of in-ground and portable spas.

Air locks – Air bubbles in the plumbing can cause the element to overheat quickly. It’s known as a dry fire.

Repair Hot Tub Heater Clearwater Unsanitary conditions – Brown slime on surfaces isn’t just unsightly; it might mean bacteria are dissolving metal in the heater’s sheathing. We can shock your hot tub and attain the right level of sanitization.

Too-rapid cycling – We will check your controls for conditions that can cause the power to turn on and off rapidly, which will wear out the heating system faster.

Our spa service technicians have been doing this kind of work for more than two decades. We are licensed, insured and maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have the skills and knowledge to keep your hot tub ready for a dip all year long. We perform hot tub heater repair in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, East Lake and surrounding areas.

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