Pool Equipment Replacement

Pool Equipment in Palm Harbor If your pool is old or a hassle to operate, pool equipment replacement can be a permanent solution. It can also save you money on yearly operating costs. If a component costs more to fix than to change out, we will always tell it to you straight. Let us show you all the options available.

Your pool and spa work in a challenging environment that includes water, electricity and many chemicals. In our area, with its many shedding trees, filtration also needs constant vigilance. Parts need frequent examination for wear and tear. When pool equipment replacement is the best decision, call us.

We have been certified pool service experts for more than 20 years and can replace any part that wears out: timers, filters, motors, pumps, controls, pipes and plumbing, lighting and much more. We can tell you whether you need pool repair or replacement of electrical components.

You have a choice among sand, diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridges. Each has its pros and cons. We can change out one type for another depending on your budget and use.

No matter what type you have, it is important to keep an eye on what goes in, to keep your skimmers clear and keep your surfaces free of algae and other debris. Our weekly maintenance service can help with these easy-to-forget tasks.

Some older pools have controls for filters and lighting, and that’s about it. Replacing your old system for something programmable has never been easier. And it’s far less expensive than you might think. We carry manufacturer upgrade kits, even those that are hard to find.

Some pools have neglected sub panels. Loose, exposed wires, or even a loose cover plate, can quickly create a dangerous situation. We can replace it with new technology that will give you on-demand use of your pool any time of year.

Beware of a dirty pool! Your pump motor can burn out if your filter baskets get cracked or full. Dirt, pet hair, oak leaves and suntan oil – it can all accumulate and clog the impeller, impeding water flow and causing the motor to overheat.

Right sized – Bigger isn’t always better. Many times the horsepower is too large to handle the water flow. Let our pool service experts discuss the advantages of replacing your old unit.

Variable speed – If you would like to go from a single-speed to a variable speed type, now is a great time to do it. Two-speed can save you up to half of your operating costs each year! And they can be programmed to work at peak use times.

All motors eventually wear out. When electrical repairs are no longer enough, talk to us about upgrades and change-outs. We carry all major manufacturers and keep up with the latest technology.

Your Spa
A big mistake some pool builders make is to install the control at the water line, in the tile. It is only a matter of time before water gets under the edges and causes a short. We can replace the equipment, relocate the access to the top edge, and seal off the old hole.

Sanitizer System
Have you been thinking about replacing your chlorine system with a saltwater generator? More than 70 percent of homeowners are doing so. We have the know-how to do it properly. While a saltwater system produces its own chlorine naturally, it can cause corrosion if certain chemicals are not kept in balance.

Talk to the pool equipment replacement experts at Quality Pool and Spa to help you make the right choice.

Pipes and Plumbing
Pool Filter System in Palm Harbor If your water bill has gone sky high, your pipes or valves could be leaking. The original pipes used in construction might simply be undersized, or flex pipes may have been crushed. Water can leak out of the fittings. Installing new pipes and plumbing is no problem for our pool equipment replacement specialists.

All Types of Heating Systems
We can replace any part of this complex system, and can add a new timer that will heat more efficiently for less money. Sometimes, pool equipment replacement is more cost effective than repeated electrical repairs on this unit.

There are many parts of a pool, and we have them all in our pool repair and pool equipment replacement inventory: hoses, gaskets, floor cleaners, skimmers, light lenses and so much more. Talk to us about upgrading or replacement today. It’s an investment worth making.

We are licensed to do pool equipment replacement in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, East Lake and the surrounding communities.

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