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Pool Plumbing in Palm Harbor Do your pool's pipes and plumbing need attention? If you think you have a leak, or your pump is underpowered, call our expert troubleshooters. We specialize in equipment replacement and all types of pool service.

Your swimming pool’s pipes and plumbing are like its circulation system. The pump pulls it from the pool through skimmers and the main drain through underground conduits, then through the filter and back into the pool. This is what keeps your water sparkling clear and sanitary every time you want to take a dip.

Call a Professional Pool Repair Company
You can trust us with repairing and replacing pipes and plumbing because we have expert knowledge of this system. While our company is relatively new, we have been in this business for more than two decades right here in the bay area. We are state licensed, insured and have earned an A rating with the BBB. Our company is a Certified Pool/Spa Operator with the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Leak Detection
Your pool water levels can go down for a number of reasons: There may be a breach in the shell. Sometimes water loss is due to evaporation in our cooler, drier months or from a water feature. But it’s the pipes and plumbing problems you can’t see that cause the most headaches.

Plumbing Leaks
Just like the plumbing inside your house, pool circulation conduits can crack and leak for a number of reasons. We will use high-tech equipment and years of hands-on experience to pinpoint the reason for the water loss.

Are Your Pipes Undersized?
Poor original construction is a common cause of plumbing issues. That includes using piping that is too small but cost effective. If it’s too narrow it will eventually cause all sorts of problems. Undersized conduits don’t deliver enough water pressure to the pump, and it can wear out faster due to the reduced flow rate.

We have a number of solutions to this problem including installing a smaller pump and refitting pipes with those that are sized right. Call now for a fast diagnosis and an estimate on pool equipment replacement from a pool service you can trust.

Other Causes of Pipe Problems
If a pipe is leaking, our well trained technicians are on the case. We’ll find the cause and fix it, always giving you clear, accurate estimates.

Ground movement is a typical cause of leaks in pipes and plumbing. Sink holes are an unfortunate fact of life in West Central Florida, and they can cause the rigid plastic pipes to crack under pressure.

Vibrations caused by nearby traffic and construction can also damage pipes. You can be sure we will trace the source along every inch of piping, then repair or replace sections as necessary.

Roots from large nearby trees can break through joints in PVC pipe. A spike in water bills is often your first clue. Flex pipe has been known to contract, collapse, or be chewed through by pests such as termites. Call us for an estimate on replacement with durable rigid PVC.

We have been trusted for more than 20 years to repair and replace all types of pipes and plumbing and solve the problem completely. You will be taking a dip with confidence in a very short time.

We’ll also look at the pumps and filter to see if any fittings or valves need replacing. These parts can wear out for a number of reasons. Fortunately, our pool service pros know what to look for. We have all the tools and equipment to do this type of pool repair. We are also highly skilled at electrical repairs.
Pool Pipes Palm Harbor
Is Your Pump Too Big?
If a pump is too powerful it can put excessive pressure on pipes and fittings, and can even cause them to blow apart. We will compare your pump and filter, and make recommendations based on years of experience and qualified expertise.

Turn to us for all types of pool repair, including plumbing and electrical repairs, with results you can count on. Call now for an estimate.

We can repair or replace pipes and plumbing in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, East Lake and the surrounding areas.

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