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Swimming Pool Cleaning Palm Harbor If you need reliable care and expert repair, call Quality Pool and Spa Services. In Florida, the pool is the centerpiece of the backyard. We will keep it running safely and reliably all year long. If you have a problem, we have the solution.

Count on us for weekly services, equipment replacement and complete spa service. We are licensed contractors who go well beyond keeping your system working; we’re experts on compliance with government safety rules and accessibility laws. If you have questions or concerns, we can help. Call now.

Pool Service
When something breaks down, we’ll be right there to diagnose, repair, replace or service. We can troubleshoot any system and perform all types of pool service and repair:

Call now for a complete diagnostic checkup. Whether you use chlorine, bromine or saltwater, we can service your sanitation system so the water is always fine. If you want to switch to a salt system, we can retrofit quickly and affordably.

Enjoy Energy Savings
Take a dip – without dipping too deeply into your budget. An efficient heat pump works like an air conditioner in reverse, pulling heat out of the air instead of using a fuel. It costs a third as much to run as propane, and half the cost of natural gas. It makes good sense in our mild climate.

Your pump uses more energy than any other system. Keeping it at peak efficiency is important to achieve proper circulation cost effectively. If you are interested in saving energy, we can do a complete equipment replacement, changing out a single speed to a variable speed motor. It could save you up to 90 percent on operating costs!

Pool Lighting systems also use a lot of electricity. Switching to LED is easy and can save you more than 70 percent on poolside illumination. Do you need to replace an underwater bulb? We can do it. Do you want to enjoy a spectacular light show each night? We can install programmable colored lights designed to work alone or with water features.

Pool Maintenance
Leaves, debris and dirt aren’t just unsightly; they can bring pump motors to a standstill. We keep them in check. Balanced pH is critical for safe and sanitary operations. Our weekly services take the headache out of owning pools and portable spas.

As part of regular pool maintenance, we’ll vacuum debris, change filters, test and add basic chemicals and let you know if something’s amiss. Our pool repair specialists can catch problems quickly and fix them right.

Portable Spas
We’ll keep your hot tub a warm and inviting place to unwind any time of year. Ask us about energy-saving heat pumps and heater repair.

Commercial Pools
Large pool owners trust us to keep the water healthy, sparkling and inspection-ready, minimizing downtime and health risks. From electrical repairs to equipment replacement, we've got you covered.

Automated chemical systems – Let us install or repair controllers for perfect pH and sanitizer delivery at all times. These complex machines demand perfect calibration.

Pool Equipment repair – If it’s time to revamp your equipment room or perform Vak-Pak refurbishment, we are the ones to call. You have found a pool contractor with the experience to replace large valves (4-, 6- and 12 inches) with complete safety and reliability.

Health Department inspections – We make it a priority to stay on top of updates, so you don’t have to worry whether you’ll pass quarterly county inspections. When you need violations fixed, we will quickly remediate them and get your gates back open faster.

ADA compliance –We are one of the few local companies licensed to install anchors for handicap lifts; all commercial pools are now required to have them. Depend on us to make your pool fully accessible and minimize your liability.
swimming pool maintenance in Palm Harbor
Inspections – When you need a pool inspected for a real estate transaction, we will give you a thorough punch list and a clear, written report. If there are electrical repairs that need to be made or pipes and plumbing that need attention, we can handle it.

Professional Pool Service
We are state licensed contractors with more than 20 years of experience and legions of satisfied customers. From heater repair to spa service, one call takes care of everything. We take health and safety seriously, and stand ready to serve you and get you back in the water.

Call for complete pool service in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, East Lake and the surrounding areas.

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